Scheduling Inspections

Inspection requests are now available online Via BS&A

If an application is approved, or when additional inspections are required, you may call the Building Department with your request during normal business hours at 248-733-3700. Please have your permit numbers ready when requesting an inspection.

Plumbing, Mechanical, Building and Electrical inspections are performed on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays.

Required Inspections

  • spread footing
  •  trench footing
  • drainage systems
  •  open hole (Demo's)
  •  back fill (Asbuilt required prior to backfill)
  •  pre pour
  •  brick flashing
  •  rough building prior to covering
  • insulation
  • Insulation Certificate
  • open ceiling
  • post hole
  • open deck as required
  • blower test
  • grade certificate
  •  final
  •  Other inspections as determined by Inspector.


  •  Gas Pressure
  • Gas piping
  • Rough
  • Final.  
  • Other inspections as determined by Inspector.


  •  Underground
  •  Temp. Service
  • Rough
  • Final
  •   Other inspections as determined by Inspector.


  1. Underground
  2. Rough
  3.  Final. 
  4.  Other inspections as determined by Inspector.

About the Building Inspector
The building inspector enforces the Zoning Ordinance and assists the Planning Commission and Zoning Board of Appeals.


  • Randy McClure - Building inspections
  • Brian Claycomb - Mechanical inspections
  • Jody Kinkorski - Plumbing inspections
  • Don Hastings - Electrical inspections


For more information, contact the Building Department at 248-733-3700.