Fire Department


The Fire Department is responsible for:
  • Providing emergency fire, rescue, and medical response
  • Giving fire prevention and safety classes
  • Giving hazardous materials response and training
  • Investigating fires and arson
  • Making fire code inspections

Become a Volunteer Firefighter

If you are interested in becoming a volunteer firefighter, please visit If you have any questions about the process please call the Fire Department.

Emergency Dispatch and Fire Suppression

The Fire Department uses the City of Rochester Police Emergency Dispatch facility to handle fire and medical emergencies. The Fire Department responds with an ambulance for every medical emergency call within the City of Rochester.

The department responds to all types of fire-related emergencies for the citizens and businesses of Rochester with fire suppression services. Emergencies include: structure fires, car fires, grass fires, smoke investigations, activated fire alarms, down power lines, natural gas leaks, and all other fire-related emergencies.