Yard Waste, Brush, and Leaf Pick-Up

Yard Waste Pick-Up

The City's waste hauler picks up yard waste from April  through December.

Yard waste must be placed in kraft paper bags or in a container clearly marked "yard waste." Yard waste placed in plastic bags will not be picked up. You may pick up yard waste stickers to be placed onto trash cans to turn them into yard waste containers at the front desk at City Hall.

Brush Pick-Up

Incidental brush pick-up is offered year round by the Department of Public Works. Please stack all cut ends in the same direction. Do not throw lumber, landscape ties, roots or root balls, or picker type bushes in with the rest of the pile. These items must be separated. Typically there will be a nominal charge for separation and removal of these items, as the Department of Public Works has to pay extra to dispose them.

Contracted tree trimmings will not be picked up by the Department of Public Works. You must have the contractor who completed the tree work remove the associated brush.

Leaf Pick-Up

The Department of Public Works offers leaf pick-up to the residents in the fall only. Leaves should be raked to the curb for removal. Please sign-up to receive update on the "Notify Me" tab located on the home page of the City's website.

Please do not throw brush or garden trimmings in the leaf piles as it plugs up the machines. If the crews see brush or garden trimmings in the leaf piles they will go around the leaf pile.