City of Rochester Master Plan 2025 (Adopted 11-01-2014)

In its simplest sense, a Master Plan is a printed document that:
  • describes what a community wants to look like and be like in the future;
  • focuses on the physical development or redevelopment of the community; and
  • provides an official statement of the goals, objectives, and policies that express a vision about the future of the community.
A Master Plan deals with an entire city. The plan considers a wide range of issues related to land, buildings, and infrastructure. Its main purpose is to provide a look 20 years into the future.

There are two main components of the comprehensive plan-the plan and the future land use map. The plan is the narrative description of current conditions, analysis, issues, goals and implementation strategies. The future land use map is the visual depiction of the plan, showing the development pattern and land uses desired by the community, as expressed in the plan.

By Michigan statute, the Planning Commission writes the plan, often with the assistance of a professional planner.