Tree Removal

TREE REMOVAL PERMIT UPDATE : Starting January 1, 2021 before you remove any protected tree of 7 inches in diameter or greater, you will need to fill out the new Tree Removal Permit form along with a $50 processing fee (for the first 3 trees requested to be removed) and submit it to the City Forester, Nik Banda, for review. 

Click HERE to download the City’s Tree Ordinance.

Contact Nik Banda at 248-733-3700 Ext. 358. for tree removal process. 

Tree Removal Permits

New for 2021, the City Council recently adopted modifications to the existing Tree Ordinance which included instituting a $50 fee for the processing of Tree Removal Permits, and established an Ad Hoc Tree Committee, charging them with assisting City Staff in communicating the City’s desire to continue to not only protect the existing Tree Canopy Citywide, but increase it with an aggressive tree planting/education and preservation plan. 
 It also requires that they work with staff and submit a yearly accounting report identifying our removals, plantings and effect on the Tree Canopy the first quarter of each year to the City Council and public.  They will also be the first point of review for any requests that are made to remove Landmark or Historic Trees. 
 The Committee is comprised of three Councilpersons, a resident and a business representative, all who have a passion for keeping the City of Rochester a Tree City USA for years to come!

Click HERE to download the City’s Tree permit form.