The City of Rochester is committed to providing a dependable, safe and reliable infrastructure system. This includes our streets, roads, sidewalks, public lighting, bridges network, our water distribution systems, our sanitary and storm sewer systems. This is a monumental task, and the City is currently in the planning phases gathering information and data to be used to best understand the requirements. The City is also creating an Infrastructure Committee to add emphasis to this growing challenge. Councilmembers Cuthbertson, Peterson and Ray, along with City Manager Wing, and Resident Member Mr. McGee are part of the Committee. Levels of service, engineering designs, cost estimates, and potential funding sources will all be topics of discussions.

Stay tuned to the web page for updates of progress and discussion topics.

Please feel free to contact the Department of Public Works with any questions or comments at (248) 651-5165 or email the City with infrastructure related questions or concerns.

Please refer to the City's Agenda portion of the website for upcoming Infrastructure meetings and future special meetings and workshop with the City Council regarding this topic.