Emergency Alerts/Community Notifications

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Sign Up For Emergency Alerts & Community Notifications

CivicReady is the mass notification system that the City of Rochester utilizes to keep you informed about critical information and important events within the community.  Click the "SIGNUP link" below to register.

You can also text "ReadyRochester" to 38276 to receive the ReadyRochester notifications. 

About the Service

CivicReady is used to disseminate important messages regarding the safety and/or welfare of the community. Examples include water service emergencies, lost children or seniors, and hazardous situations that impact safety, property or welfare of our residents and businesses. This service allows City officials to send out emergency notifications by phone, text, email and other contact methods to thousands of residents and businesses within minutes.

In addition to notifications related to emergency situations, residents, businesses, and other stakeholders can also choose to opt-in to receive time-sensitive non-emergency notifications about community events, activities, and important updates. Those who opt-in to receive non-emergency messages may choose whether to receive messages by phone, email, text messaging, or any combination thereof.

Use the form below to sign up to receive CivicReady alerts.