Construction Projects

The below information provides detailed information regarding all of the current and upcoming publicly-owned infrastructure projects for roads, pathways, water & sewer, storm drains, etc.

2018-2019 Infrastructure Projects:

  • Ludlow: Construction on Ludlow began on July 16th. The road is closed to through traffic, but remains open to residents. Access to the Community House and the businesses on Ludlow will also remain at all times during the course of construction. The anticipated completion date is mid-November 2018.  Weekly updates are posted at
  • Sanitary Sewer Lining: A majority of the pipes have been cleaned and lining is approximately 30% complete. The MDOT permit has been issued for the lining project on Main Street. These projects will involve some temporary lane closures, traffic shifts, and limited night work.
  • Sanitary Sewer Open-Cut Replacements: Lounsbury and Fraser Street repairs have been completed and contractors will be working on restoration issues. Wilcox and Fourth Street are scheduled to be paved prior to the end of June. Additional open cut work will be scheduled on the alleyway east of Main Street (north and south of Second Street), First Street (Taylor to the western City Limits), Pine Street (north of Fourth), and University east of Main Street. Dates for this work have not been set as of the date of this publication as the City is still working out the scope of services and associated costs with the contractor.
  • Sanitary Sewer Manhole Repairs: The contractor has begun working on the manhole repairs that are required in pavement areas. The contractor will be working on 15-20 manholes at a time. This work will involve temporary closures around the manholes that could last up to seven (7) days to allow for cure time on the concrete collars.
  • Sidewalk Repairs: The Sidewalk repair contractor is wrapping up the 2018 repair work. All restoration should be completed in early August.
  • Albertson/Romeo Realignment: An informational meeting was held with the public on Thursday June 7th, 2018. The City will begin working with MDOT on potential conceptual plans and will begin the design process over the Summer of 2018. Anticipated construction for this project is the Spring of 2020.

Sewer Rehabilitation Work
May- June 2019 

In partnership with the City of Rochester, Granite Inliner and Pipetek Services will be in neighborhoods the week of May 20, 2019 to begin cleaning  and  televising  the public  sanitary and  local  storm sewers.  This  preventative maintenance will improve the sewer’s performance as well as provide a thorough inspection of the pipes.  

The pipe rehabilitation process is done in phases.  The first phase involves the cleaning and televising of the existing sewer pipe. Secondly, the sewer pipes will be rehabilitated with the use of trenchless technology,  thus minimizing the amount of disruption in the area. Crews, all wearing high visibility safety vests, will be  on site periodically (not daily) throughout May and June. 

Prior  to  any  sewer  service disruption,  written  notices  will  be  hand‐delivered advising  of any  necessary  steps required by the resident/homeowner.

What to expect if you live in the cleaning area:  

  A sanitary sewer jet‐cleaning machine uses high‐pressure water to clean the sanitary sewer pipes.  During work on the sewer, some residents may or may not experience water and/or odor coming from your drains or toilets. 

  • You may experience gurgling, bubbling, or  water splashing from  the toilet. We ask that you keep toilet lids closed, and if possible, place a towel between the lid and seat to reduce possible water spray from the toilet bowl.  Any water splashing from the toilet  is  from  the  toilet  itself;  not  the sewer system in the street.  
  •  The  cleaning  process  causes  a vacuum  in  the  sewer.   This  will not affect  most  homes,  but  some homes with inadequate or partially blocked drain vents, may be affected. The vacuum may cause "P‐traps” (the little S shaped bend in the pipe under sinks and drains) to be sucked dry.  Should you notice a sewer smell resulting from this,  run a little water in your drains to refill  the P‐traps.  We also recommend you cover the floor drains with a mat or towel to assist with any odor control. 

Your  cooperation  during  this  work  is  appreciated. If you  have  any  questions  regarding  the  work,  please contact the City of Rochester Department of Public Works at (248) 651‐5165 or Granite Inliner at (734) 955‐2508. 

 Below is a map highlighting the impacted street:

CCTV notice and map_Page_2

A PDF of this notice to residents and the street map can be found here

Created:  June 25, 2018.  Updated:  May 20, 2019