Re-Opening Safely

Stop the Spread

Services Resuming

We are committed to providing a safe experience for our community and our vendors as the Farmers’ Market reopens. We’ve taken a number of steps including increased safety measures and operational changes to create a safe environment for all. We are here to help you to navigate through these uncertain times while still enjoying the tradition of the Farmers’ Market. 

As a patron please remember to: 

6 ft social distancingPhysically Distance - Keep 6 ft’ Apart    

Mask Wearing                              

Wear a Face Covering                  

Be Patient While We Monitoring Occupancy           

Information from the Downtown Development Authority [Coming Soon]

Rochester Re-Opening Safely Advisory Committee 

On April 13th City Council took action and created the Re-Opening Safely Committee. This advisory committee will work with members of our business community, local organizations, the OPC, RARA, Library, and others, as well as our neighboring communities to discuss practical procedures, processes, as well what steps will be needed to ensure that our community stays safe as we transition to re-opening. 


Health MaskHealth
Personal Protection Equipment (PPE), Face Masks, Physical Barriers, etc. 
 SoSocial Distancingcial Distancing Design
Designing proper social distancing at the local level. 
Use of outdoor public spaces, temperature checks, modifying business hours. 
Compiling best practices, and noting what others are doing.   

Community Resources:

Sanitizing Services 

In light of the seriousness and impact of COVID-19, and the frequent proclamations to increase building cleaning and disinfection to limit exposure to and suppress the spread of COVID-19, the City of Rochester sent out a request for proposals seeking pricing and options for cleaning and sanitizing services from vendors that would be made available to City residents and businesses. The City knows that the task of individuals trying to locate and contact vendors could be a daunting one. Thus, the City used its platform and reach to seek and compile vendor and pricing information in one convenient location.

The City is pleased to report several vendors responded to this effort and have offered pricing and terms that the Rochester public can utilize if they want to contract for such cleaning/sanitizing services. Due to the various cleaning methodologies, chemicals used, number of applications and application timings, there is no way for the City to decide which options may be the best for a particular customer. Therefore, the City is posting the RFP responses along with a pricing summary.

The City of Rochester does not endorse, recommend, or validate any of the vendors or their responses. Although the City issued the RFP to help consolidate responses and options for its constituents, it is each person/entity’s responsibility to ask these company’s questions, research the chemicals/processes and call the vendors to ask questions on which is the right application for their property. The City will neither be a party to any agreement nor get involved with this process apart from posting this information. It will ultimately be up to the customer and vendor to come to terms on an agreement.

Pricing Summary