Department History

Department Established

Chief Howlett
The Rochester Police Department was established in 1924. Prior to that time, the Oakland County Sheriff's Office was the law enforcement agency for the village. In addition, the village also had a part-time village marshall and Avon Township constables. These officials would walk the downtown area at night, checking for open doors or other suspicious activity.

Police Chiefs

The first police officer was Sam Howlett. In the first year of the department's existence, Howlett was paid based on the number of tickets that he issued. Officer Howlett received his first patrol car in 1935. He was appointed as the first chief of police in 1937. Robert Werth was appointed as the second chief of police in 1964.

Police Stations

Chief Werth
The first Rochester Police Station shared the second floor of the Fire Hall with the Village of Rochester offices. At that time, the Fire Hall was located at the corner of East Fourth Street and the east alley.

The second Police Station was located at West Third Street. near the west alley (the building still stands today). The Village Offices were located on the second floor of that building.

The current Police Station, built in 1961, is located at 400 Sixth Street. Additions were made to the City Hall in 1991 and 2003. The City Municipal Offices occupy the second floor.