Enforcement Activities

Parking Enforcement

Parking in city-owned parking lots is prohibited from 2 a.m. to 6 a.m. every night, year-round.

In the event it is impossible to remove vehicles from the roadway, the owners should call the Police Dispatch Center at 248-651-9621 to request permission to park. Permission to park will be granted only for those vehicles that can't be moved into an available driveway or other location off the roadway.

Certain residential streets (as posted by sign) require a special Residential Parking bumper permit on a year-round basis. Persons residing on those streets may submit a Residential Parking Permit Application.

No vehicle may remain on a city street for more than 24 hours without being moved.

Snow Removal

The City of Rochester regulates winter parking through a Snow Emergency Ordinance (52-121). Parking is prohibited on all city streets when a snow emergency is put into effect. The snow emergency will be declared when there is a snow fall in progress or a forecast of four inches or more.

Once a snow emergency is declared notice will be provided by local radio and television stations, as well as the city's website. Vehicles will remain off the roadway until the street is cleared of ice and snow by the Department of Public Works.

Parking Tickets

Parking tickets issued in Rochester can be paid anytime, with exact change, at the Police Department. Parking tickets can be paid at the Clerk's Office during normal business hours and a receipt may be obtained.

Remember, parking tickets over fourteen (14) days old are charged an additional penalty.

Traffic Tickets

All traffic tickets issued in Rochester must be processed at the 52-3 District Court. In an effort to make paying tickets more convenient, tickets for civil infractions (with some exceptions) may be paid by credit card via the court's online payment website. The Rochester Police Department does not accept payments for traffic tickets.