Sign Permits

For Sign Permit process please contact the Building Department at 248-733-3700 Ext. 242.

For questions regarding Sign Ordinance, please contact Nik Banda, Economic & Community Development Director, at 248-733-3700.

Click here to download the information and the application for the City of Rochester Sign Permits.

*Note:  three color copies of sign design are required for submission*
Also required are three copies of the completed application, and when properly numbered and signed by the building inspector, the document will become a permit authorizing the construction of the sign as stated.

A permit is granted on the express condition that the size, number, color, and construction of the sign(s) shall conform to ordinances and codes of the City of Rochester regulating signs in all respects and may be revoked at any time upon the violation of any of the provisions of said ordinances or codes.

The structural elements must not be concealed until they are approved by the building inspector, and if said sign(s) are illuminated, by the electrical inspector.

Section 2210. Sign Permit Application Requirements:

All applications for sign permits shall be made on forms provided by the City of Rochester Building Department and shall contain three complete sets of the following minimum information for administrative submittal:

Completed and signed Sign Permit Application.

  1. A scale drawing of each sign in the colors of the finished sign indicating the size, shape, message, lettering style, and materials of the finished sign (all required copies must also be in color).
  2. Building elevation sketches showing the position and size of each sign on the building and the location and size of any existing sign(s) on the same structure.
  3. For freestanding signs, a site plan sketch showing the sign height, location of the sign on the site and verifying compliance with all setback requirements.
  4. If the sign will be illuminated, plans shall include all details regarding the location, type of fixture, color of the illumination, and method of shielding the lighting equipment to prevent glare.  Illuminated signs shall be located not less than 100 feet from a residential district.
  5. If the sign is to be located in the DDA area, the applicant must get a sign-off from the DDA Director before a permit may be issued.

 Application Fee (Non-Refundable) includes signs up to 6 square feet


Administrative Fee (Non-refundable)

Sign Registration Fee$15

Panel replacement in existing signs


For signs up to 12 square feet


For signs up to 48 square feet


For signs up to 100 square feet