Local Government and Utilities Emergencies

Rochester Department of Public Works:

Loss of Water - Boil water alert

Snow Emergency

Street Flooding - Turn Around Don’t Drown​​​

River Flooding  ​If a trail/path/bridge/road is Closed…Do Not Proceed or Remove the safety tape or barricades! (especially next to Paint Creek, near the main street bridge)

Missing Manhole Cover

​​Water Pollution Reporting

Rochester Fire Department

Smoke Alarms

Carbon Monoxide (CO) Detectors

Fire Extinguishers

Home Fire Safety

Building and Vehicle Fire Safety

Utilities Emergencies and Safety

Electrical and Power Line Safety

Natural Gas Safety

Before you dig a trench or hole

Signs of Illicit Discharge

Reporting  Soil Erosion and Sedimentation Control issues in your neighborhood

Oakland County Pollution Reporting Hotline information

Rochester Police Department

Frequently Asked Questions of the Police during times of disaster or large-scale emergencies