2019 Leaf Collection

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2018 Leaf Collection

The 2019 Leaf Collection season will begin in late October. Check back for the latest updates.

UP-TO-DATE NOTIFICATIONS:  (Newest Items @ the top.) 

12/07/18:  The City’s Public Works crews are finishing the final leaf collection pass through town today (12/7/2018) in Zones 5 and 6. This will be last leaf collection day in 2018, as our equipment will be converted over to snow operation. 

If residents have any remaining leaves, leaves can be placed in approved paper bag and brought to the designated location at Public Works and/or residents can keep the leaves until next year. 

Finally, the City thanks residents for their patience and understanding during this year’s leaf collection as the weather presented some challenges that made it more difficult this year. 

11/27/18: DPW crews are still working in Zone 1 will be moving into Zone 2 mid-day Wednesday (11/28) and parts of Zone 3. The major roads will be also picked-up as well.  As a reminder, residents should note that this 3rd pass is the final round for the fall/winter season, so if the DPW crews have completed your zone, please do not to put your leaves out again.  Especially with heavier snow coming in near future.  Residents can still bring bagged leaves to the Public Works.

NOTE:  On 11/26/18, City Council approved a SPECIAL one-time spring 2019 leaf collection, due to the wet and snowing season.  One (1) week prior to the spring collection, a message will be emailed out to residents and posted on the City's website.

11/26/18: DPW completed the city early this morning and has started back in Zone 1 again to begin our final pass through the City.

11/26/18:  As of this morning DPW has completed the final section of the 2nd pass of the town and will be starting back in Zone 1. It is still a very slow go leaves are very wet. Crews are working very hard and we are beginning our 3rd pass through the City, which could take up to 12 days. We please ask residents to be patient and understanding we are going to get the leaves snow or no snow.

11/21/18:  DPW crews completed Zone 6 today and will be completing Zone 5 very shortly on Monday morning. Crews will then be starting their 3rd pass through the City starting with Zone 1 and going through Zone 6.  Due to the wet and heavy leaves, it is taking up to 2-weeks to complete a full cycle through the zones. 

11/20/18:  Crews are hoping to finish Zone 6 and part of Zone 5 by Wednesday at 5:30 pm. There will not be any overtime work this weekend, due to the holiday.  Crews will return on Monday to finish sections and then complete the third pass of the entire City starting with Zone 1.

11/17/18: Crews are in the last part of Zone 3 and will begin Zone 4.  Should complete session for Monday (11/19) moving into Zone 5 and Zone 6

11/16/18: Crews will not be working today. Crews are in Zone 5 today and WILL be working on Saturday.

11/15/18: Crews are in Zone 3 today and a little bit of Zone 4.  Due to weather crews had to pull off and do some salting and sidewalk maintenance. 

11/12/18: Crews will be completing section 2 today (11/12) and continuing into section 3.

11/6/18: Crews are finishing up parts of section and 6 and hoping to complete these sections today or early morning(11/7). Crews are anticipating being in section and on Wednesday (11/7) by midday. 

11/5/18: Crews will be looking to complete section Monday and heading into sections 6 in the afternoon.

11/1/18: Due to weather, crews will be finishing section 3 and continuing onto section on Thursday (11/1). Weather permitting, crews anticipate being in section 5 on Friday (11/2).

10/30/18: DPW is currently working in section 3 and part of 4. Due to school bus traffic, section 4 has to sometimes be broken up daily. We anticipate being done with those sections and moving into section 5 midday Wednesday.

Bagged Leaf Collection

Residents may bag their leaves and place them at the curb for compost/yard waste services by Green For Life (GFL) Environmental. Compost/yard waste service ends by the 1st or 2nd week of December and the deadline is set by GFL.

Curbside Collection 

Beginning October 29th, crews will be out picking up leaves at the curb. Please assemble neat piles of leaves right along the curb, in the street. The leaf piles should be raked away from the storm catch basins to avoid flooding (Note: grass clippings, pet waste, municipal waste and tree limbs are strictly prohibited).

Currently, the DPW is on a 10-14 day pick up schedule for the entire town. The major streets are cleaned on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays. Major streets include: Ludlow, Woodward, First St, University, Romeo, Parkdale, Elizabeth, Diversion, South St and Runyon. 

Once leaf pick up is conducted throughout a section of the town (see map above), the DPW will not return to that section until the town is completely covered, unless they are covering a major street. During leaf season, daily crew location updates are provided at the top of this page and through a notify me message group, pending administrative absences. 

Curbside pickup will continue until the week of November 30th and is dependent upon weather and the rate the leaves fall. 

Notify Me

For notifications of daily crew locations, sign up for the notify me leaf collection list

Roadside Parking

Please use caution when parking vehicles on the street and avoid parking near leaf piles.It is difficult to access leaf piles when there are vehicles parked in front of or behind the leaf piles. The leaf crews will not return to an area after they have moved on if there are vehicle(s) near the piles. Also,avoid parking vehicles on the piles of leaves in the street as this could create favorable conditions for a fire under the vehicle.

Chipping Services

Unless there is a storm, chipping services are not a priority during leaf season and the chipper may only be sent out once a month. While chipping services are still available, they must be requested on an on-call basis. The DPW will create a list of addresses for the chip crew to address when they are finally scheduled to chip.