Watershed Protection and Education

Lawn Fertilization

Over-fertilizing is a problem, contributing to stormwater pollution in the Clinton River and its tributaries. Fertilize sparingly and use earth-friendly fertilizers. For more information, visit the Clinton River Watershed Council (CRWC) website, www.crwc.org.Fertilzing

Pool Preparation for Summer – Storm Water Quality Tips

Water from swimming pools and hot tubs often contain high levels of chlorine. Discharging chlorinated pool or spa water into streams, (irrigation canals or ponds, etc.) is harmful to fish and other aquatic life.

 As you start to prep your swimming pool for summer backyard fun, please remember these tips to help protect the City’s storm sewer system and the Paint Creek and Clinton Rivers:

 Discharging Pool Water onto the Grass

1. Prior to adding any chemicals, you can empty some of the pool water onto the grass and allow the ground to soak      up the water.  

 2. Never dump pool water into the storm sewer system or into a river or wetlands.

 Discharging to the Sanitary Sewer System

Additional costs and consideration may need to be taken to discharge your dechlorinated water to the sanitary sewer system.  For more information, contact the Michigan Department of Environment, Great Lakes, and Energy at: (517) 284-6656.pool picture

Watershed Educational Videos

The following are resources to help protect our watershed: