Home Repair Plans from Service Line Warranties of America


Emergency Home Repair Plans from Service Line Warranties of America

Eligible Rochester homeowners can choose Service Line Warranties of America to bring them valuable protection for lines on their property and inside their homes. The service plans offered to homeowners through SLWA are solutions to help protect owners from the cost and inconvenience of home repair emergencies. Homeowners are often unaware these types of repairs are not covered by basic homeowners insurance policies or by the City. SLWA has put together programs that it believes would meet the needs of its customers.

The National League of Cities endorses the Service Line Warranties of America (SLWA) program, and while the City of Rochester does not endorse it, the City’s aim is to bring attention to this type of insurance and explain where residents can get additional information. 

SLWA provides the following information and will likely send you information directly:

Exterior Water Service Line Coverage

A leaking or broken exterior water service line can be expensive to replace. Many homeowners aren’t aware that they own their water service line and will have to pay for any repairs. The exterior water service line - from your property boundary or external wall of your well casing to the water service meter or main shut-off valve inside your home - is your responsibility.

Exterior Sewer/Septic Line Coverage

Exterior Sewer/Septic Line Coverage protects you from the expense of a covered repair or replacement of your exterior sewer line from the external wall of your home up to your property boundary, or exterior septic line that takes wastewater away from the external wall of your home up to the point of connection to the septic tank on your property, up to the benefit amount.

Interior Plumbing & Drainage System Coverage

Plumbing and drainage emergencies can be messy and inconvenient. Common breakdowns range from blocked shower, sink or toilet drains to broken interior water pipes. Interior Plumbing and Drainage System Coverage protects you, up to the benefit amount, from the covered cost to repair or replace your interior plumbing and drainage lines.


Call SLWA 24/7

If you have a problem, a SLWA repair hotline representative is available to take your call 24/7 and can schedule an appointment to get you the help you need.


SLWA Send a Technician

When you need to make a claim, SLWA will send a local, licensed technician right to your doorstep to handle all your covered repairs.

Get Thumbs Up Service

SLWA's local, licensed and insured professionals deliver quality service to our customers. The result is a big thumbs up for the repair work.